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K-3D = 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system

K-3D is the free-as-in-freedom 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system for GNU / Linux, Posix, and Win32 operating systems. K-3D features a robust, object-oriented plugin architecture, designed to scale to the needs of professional artists, and is designed from-the-ground-up to generate motion-picture-quality animation using RenderMan-compliant render engines. We strongly recommend the Aqsis render engine for use with K-3D.

K-3D’s innovative interactive tutorial system will introduce you to basic use of the program. New tutorials can easily be recorded and shared with the rest of the community.

K-3D allows you to create and edit documents in multiple realtime OpenGL solid, shaded, texture-mapped views. You can even model, animate, and interact with animations while they play back for maximum productivity!

The following features apply to the 0.5/0.6 source tree:


  • GNU / Linux (stable).
  • Win32 (stable).
  • MacOSX (unstable).
  • BSD (untested).
  • Solaris (untested).

Geometry Formats: Wavefront OBJ, GTS and a raw format are fully supported, other ones are optional and depend on PLIB installation. Experimental plugins include OpenFX, OFF, RIB and X formats.

Mesh Viewer

MS Windows executable (2.4MB)

Mesh Viewer is an easy to use lightweight application for displaying three dimensional models (triangular meshes) from a variety of file formats. It uses OpenGL to render the models.

Mesh Viewer supports the following 3D file formats:

  • PMesh forma (used at the Vision group of the University of Edinburgh)
  • GTS format (from the Gnu Triangulation Library)
  • Geomview format (only format « OFF » or « COFF »)
  • PLY format (only ASCII format)
  • VRML 1.0 format
  • VRML 2.0 format (VRML97)
  • Visualisation Toolkit VTK format (ASCII POLYDATA only)
  • Alias Wavefront / Java 3D OBJ format (ASCII polygon data only).

A short description of the features and capabilities of some of the supported 3D formats can be found here.

GTS GNU Triangulated Surface Library–projects

Mesh Viewer

    The Mesh Viewer is an easy to use lightweight application to display triangular meshes from a variety of file formats (see 3D formats). It uses the OpenGL API to render the models.


    The Divipro (Distributed Interactive VIrtual PROtotyping) project is a European Commission funded initiative involving partners from the UK, Spain, Germany and France. The consortium partners aim to build and evaluate a prototype system for distributed computer aided design (CAD) for mechanical engineering applications.

The Chips project

    The Chips project is a project to put together a usable CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) system for the Linux platform.


    K-3D is a free-as-in-freedom 3D modeling and animation system for GNU/Linux and Win32.


    TriAero is the Triangulated Aerodynamics Suite; a collection of Open Source Free Software programs intended to perform simplified aerodynamics calculations over unstructured 3D bodies.

FREE VRML Viewer and matlab

FREE VRML Viewer and matlab, virtual reality toolbox:



The examples can be viewed also directly using standard VRML 97 browser plug-ins by clicking the corresponding « View virtual scene » links.

see some examples that were created using Virtual Reality Toolbox, a tool that lets you view and interact with dynamic system simulations           in a 3-D virtual reality environment. All of the behavioral dynamics of the examples are being driven by MATLAB® and Simulink® developed by             The MathWorks, Inc. that allow effective creating dynamic models of real systems physics.

Solar System
This model represents the dynamics of inner Solar System (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth + Moon, Mars). For visualization purposes, the relative planet sizes to their distances and the distance between Moon and Earth were adjusted. Otherwise, the model is a good approximation of Solar system dynamics.

View virtual scene
Download zipped VRML world


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