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Vvidget Builder is a powerful point-and-click graph building tool which enables you to fine tune, add graphics, buildup specialized graphs and layout entire pages with multiple figures. Palettes provide immediate drag-and-drop access to the charts you use most often and because you can define your own palettes you can drag and drop your new graphs and graphics in addition to the premade ones.

With Vvidget Builder your graphs are only limited by your imagination because you are given complete freedom and are empowered with the capability to layout results the way you want them.

Features available with Vvidget Builder include:

Feature Description
General Graphics Line, Rectangle, Oval, Parallelogram, Circle, Ellipse, Pie Wedge, Curve, Polygon, Cubic Bezier Sections, Path, Label and Image graphics.
Data Graphics Function, Scatter, Trajectory, Point Map, 3D Surface and 3D Scatter graphics.
Graphs Linear, 2-Y Linear, Log, Semi-Log (X and Y directions), Log-Log, Full-Cycle and Sub-Cycle Log, Polar, R-Log Polar, Date, 2-Y Date, Date-Log and 3D Rectilinear Perspective.
Chart Wizards Chart wizards take data from tables and make graphs. You can make a simple line graph to complex polar-point-map graphs. Use the optional VVidget Code programmable system to automate and animate the charts found on the wizards.
General Attributes Shadow, diffusion, gradients and standard fill and stroke type effects.
Real-Time Attributes edit and change in real time. 3D graphics rotate and update in realtime.
Data Attributes Dashes, markers and labels. Unlimited capabilities to make new markers and end caps.
Graph Attributes There are a large amount of tunable graph attributes including grid and subgrid color, width, dash, limit values, tick and subtick placements, color, length, width, label format, frame and background color, title values and placement, font type and size, label angles, offsets and gaps.
Editing Point-wise vertex and spline knot editing, smoothing, a large quantity of direct attribute inspector editing, rotate, skew, copy, paste, delete, etc.
Palettes Includes standard palettes for drag and drop creation and the ability to create your own palettes.
Export and Import Export figures to PDF, print them, or copy the data directly. Importing data is as simple as pasting a space delimited sequence of numeric text values. Export high resolution images into your favorite applications like Power Point.
Documents Stores results in a Vvidget Builder document.
You are never trapped into a limited design. For example, you can have any marker because markers are graphics and the editing and graphic design is recursive. When you use Vvidget Builder you are exercising the tools of VVidget Code, VVidget Pro and the Peer Visual server so your knowledge is applicable to more sophisticated applications.

Matlab .m Unstructured Mesh Generation (Mesh2d v2.3)

Unstructured Mesh Generation (Mesh2d v2.3)

MESH2D is a toolbox for the generation and manipulation of unstructured triangular meshes in MATLAB. High quality meshes can be generated automatically for user defined geometries.

These meshes are suitable for subsequent FEM or FVM analysis.

MESH2D will automatically adapt the element size to ensure that the geometry is adequately resolved, allowing very complex geometries to be meshed with no additional user input. User defined size functions are also available, allowing the user to control mesh resolution if desired.

MESH2D is based on an iterative continuous smoothing method, and generally results in very high quality meshes with no small angles and smooth element size variations.


MESH2D v2.3 allows connected polygons to be meshed, with a compatible mesh generated along internal boundaries. MESH 2D v2.3 should also produce meshes with a higher mean element quality in most cases.

– MESH2D can produce large scale meshes, with meshes incorporating over 500,000 elements produced based on satellite coastline data.

– MESH2D allows fully user defined size functions, giving the user full control over mesh resolution if desired. A template for boundary layer regions is also included.

– MESH2D includes functions for uniform and non-uniform mesh refinement, allowing existing meshes to be refined without costly re-triangulation.

– MESH2D includes functions to assemble the connectivity information necessary for FE or FV methods.

Tested on MATLAB 6.5, 7.0, R2006b and R2007a.


Please use the following functions to launch MESH2D demos:

– meshdemo();
– mesh_collection(n);
– facedemo(n);

MESH2D is (always!) under development, so any problems or suggestions are welcome via email.

MESH2D is distributed under the GNU GPL.



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