Fianium leads consortium to receive £1.4M award / 09/2006

01.09.2006 : Fianium leads consortium to receive £1.4M award from Department of Trade and Industry on development of next generation fibre lasers. Southampton, United Kingdom (September 1, 2006): A consortium led by Fianium Ltd, a world leader in ultrafast fibre lasers, has received £1.4M ( $2.7M ) award from the UK Department of Trade and Industry to develop next generation fibre lasers for industrial and imaging applications. The DTI funded project ULTRAFAST is a collaborative project involving Fianium Ltd as lead partner, Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre, University of Liverpool as a partner responsible for materials processing characterisation, and the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials (CPPM) of the University of Bath who are developing novel fibre geometries for incorporation into Fianium’s products. LLLC will take delivery of a new picosecond fibre laser system from Fianium in January 2007 for materials processing characterisation trials as part of the ULTRAFAST project. The laser is a member of the FemtoPower series operating at a wavelength of 1064nm with a maximum pulse energy of 4μJ. The laser has a built-in pulse-picker which allows an end-user to step-wise change the laser repetition rate from 20 MHz to <1 MHz. CPPM will develop new types of photonic crystal fibres tailored for use within ultrafast fibre lasers to enable the delivery of femtosecond pulses with high peak powers. Dr John Clowes, Vice President of Research and Development at Fianium and project coordinator, is pleased with the potential outputs of the project: “ This award is a clear recognition of our achievements at the forefront of fibre laser technology. The collaboration with Lairdside and Bath University will be a great benefit in developing revolutionary new fibre lasers for materials processing and imaging applications. ” Dr Martin Sharp, manager of the Lairdside centre is encouraged by the success of ULTRAFAST “ I believe that it is important for Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre to foster a close relationship with laser companies such as Fianium, bringing our expertise in laser material processing to these projects and helping the company to exploit the laser source to its full extent. ” Dr. William Wadsworth, who leads the CPPM team, commented “ The ULTAFAST project gives us access to state of the art fibre lasers and allows us to carry out investigations in photonic materials using high energy and linearly polarised clean ultrashort optical pulses from a compact and user friendly fibre laser source. This will undoubtedly lead us to discovering exciting effects in photonic crystal fibres. ”


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